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15 I. Uzupełnij brakujące litery w wyrazach. (4 pkt)

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I. Uzupełnij brakujące litery w wyrazach. (4 pkt)

  1. ‘How are you getting on with your new f _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (the person you share accommodation with)?’ ‘Fine, but I think we need to divide the chores more fairly.’

  2. After living in a cramped bedsit for years, he now appreciates having a s _ _ _ _ _ u _ (with a lot of room to move around in) kitchen.

  3. If you want to _ a _ _ _ _ _ n (keep up) good relations with your neighbours, don’t organize noisy garden parties every weekend.

  4. We use the _ _ s _ _ _ n _ (room below the ground level) as storage space.

II. Dopasuj wyrazy z obu kolumn, tak aby utworzyć poprawne wyrażenia. (4 pkt)
















a heating

b importance

c ground

d agent

e fitted

f in advance

g rate

h floor

III. Przetłumacz podane w nawiasach fragmenty zdań. (3 pkt)
1. I’m afraid this room ……………………………………………… (jest zbyt drogi,
abym go wynajął)

2. (Czy mógłbyś) …………………………………… turning up the volume?

3. In our school …………………….……………… (nie wolno nosić) any makeup.

IV. Z podanych możliwości odpowiedzi zaznacz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Zakreśl

literę A, B, C lub D. (4 pkt)
Bedroom furniture is traditionally arranged according to a few general guidelines listed below, which are for the most part based on common sense. Whether you’re decorating a master bedroom, a guest room, or a room for children, the following section provides you with some useful tips.
The bed is the centre piece of furniture in any bedroom, and it naturally becomes the focus of attention. Traditionally, it is placed against the centre of the wall opposite the main door to the room. If the dimensions of your room make it impossible to position your bed on the wall across from the door, other possible choices depend on which walls are long enough to accommodate the bed. Diagonal placement works well when you have the necessary space.
Do not place a bed under a window if it is frequently opened. Open windows can create uncomfortable drafts. This rule can be ignored provided that your home is air-conditioned or heated all year round and the windows are seldom open. Besides, positioning a bed between two windows is a good idea.
Although a bedroom doesn’t have to be huge, you can decorate it in such a way that it will appear bigger than it really is. This can be achieved by eliminating clutter, using only necessary furniture in light colours and keeping the bed visually low.
Regardless of the size of your bedroom, certain arrangements can help you make it as comfortable as possible. First of all, add some bedside tables to make reading or watching TV in bed easier. Then, make room for at least one comfortable chair to seat visitors on a sick day. Carpeting all bedroom floors to reduce noise in the room is another option to be considered. And if you have room, add a small, delicately proportioned desk for writing letters.
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  1. According to the article, the bed should NEVER be placed

A. in a draughty place.

B. opposite the door.

C. in the middle of the room.

D. under a window.

  1. To make your bedroom seem bigger, you should

A. place a huge bed in it.

B. use a lot of furniture.

C. keep it tidy.

D. paint the walls dark blue.

  1. To make a bedroom comfortable, it is advisable to

A. remove the carpet.

B. place additional furniture.

C. put a TV inside.

D. place the bed diagonally.

  1. The target readers of the article are people who need to decide

A. whether to purchase a house.

B. how to furnish their bedroom.

C. where to buy furniture.

D. how to keep their flat clean.

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