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I would like to thank all the people who supported me during this work.

In first place, I would like to thank my supervisor Professor Wojciech Kucewicz for his everyday guidance and giving me the opportunity to work on such an exciting project.

My special thanks go also to Doctor Maria Sapor who was always ready to give me a helping hand.

I would like to express my gratitude to the team from the Institute of Electron Technology – especially Jacek Marczewski, Piotr Grabiec, Krzysztof Kucharski, Daniel Tomaszewski and Mirosław Grodner – for fruitful discussions and patient explaining technological details.
I gratefully acknowledge the team spirit within the SUCIMA collaboration. My special thanks go to the project coordinator Massimo Caccia, from whom I learnt a lot.

I should not forget to thank to my colleagues with whom I work and I used to work during my Ph. D. studies – especially Marcin and Krzysztof – for the endless discussions and their friendship. I would like also to thank all the people from the Department of Electronics, AGH – UST for creating great atmosphere of work.

None of this work would have succeeded without the continuous support and encouragement of my beloved husband Arek. I shall be always grateful to him.

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