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Lekcja internetowa 2 new framework elementary unit 4 match the halves

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  1. MATCH THE HALVES ( połącz połówki)

  1. art       a. town

  2. computer       b. effects

  3. early       c. bike

  4. historical       d. messages

  5. mountain       e. gallery

  6. text       f. monuments

  7. sleepy       g. games

  8. special       h. morning

  1. MATCH THE HALVES ( połącz połówki)

  1. listen       a. in a cafe

  2. go       b. to a pub

  3. read       c. to the news

  4. go out       d. the dog for a walk

  5. work out       e. friends

  6. sit       f. a paper

  7. take       g. in a gym

  8. meet       h. shopping


  1. What       you do at the weekend?

  2. What       you like       in your free time?

  3. I love       every Saturday.

  4. We go       every weekend.

  1. REARRANGE THE WORDS (uporządkuj wyrazy)

  1. about/a drink/ How/ for/ going/?


  1. stand/ I/ films/ can’t/ science-fiction/


  1. do/ How/ go/ you/ often/ swimming/?


  1. time/ is/ on/ What/ the film/?


  1. USE THE RIGHT PREPOSITION: at (4x), in, for, to, about, with, on

  1. Let’s meet       the cinema.

  2. Let’s meet       the evening.

  3. I never work       the weekend.

  4. I play tennis       Mondays.

  5. We finish work       5 o’clock.

  6. Let’s stay       home.

  7. We want to relax. We don’t wan to talk       work.

  8. He wants to invite her       a drink.

  9. I like watching videos       friends.

  10. Do you like listening       music?

  1. FIND THE ODD MAN OUT ( podaj wyraz, który nie pasuje do kategorii)

  1. Office/ display/ exhibition/ art gallery      

  2. restaurant / pub/ museum/ café      

  3. opera/ cinema/ theatre/ party      

  4. stadium/ gym/ church/ swimming-pool      

  5. jogging/ rollerblading/ swimming/ playing computer games      

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