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The programme of shp humboldt-Kolleg

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The programme of SHP Humboldt-Kolleg

Nanotechnology: Development and Influence on the Society

Nanotechnologia: rozwój i wpływ na społeczeństwo

Nanotechnologie: Entwicklung und Einfluss auf die Gesellschaft “
Gdańsk, 24.-26. May 2007
24.05.2007 Thursday

up to 15:00


Sesion I - University of Gdańsk, Main Library, Auditorium, first floor

Chair persons: A.M. Kłonkowski, E. Helios-Rybicka, B. Kosmowski


Opening ceremony of the SHP – Humboldt Kolleg


Coffee break

16:00 PL-1

Prof. Dr. Tomasz Dietl (Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics, Warsaw)


16:30 PL-2

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Gösele (Max Planck Institute, Halle)

Wonderful nanoworld. Expectations and doubts


17:00 PL-3

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Sokołowska (Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Engineering)

Nanodiamond – from interplanetary dust to biomaterial

17:30 PL-4

Prof. Dr. Günther Heinz Frischat (Clausthal University of Technology, Institute of Nonmetallic Materials, Clausthal-Zellerfeld)

"Nanotechnology to increase the efficiency of solar power plants".


Dinner. Restaurant “”, University campus (near the Library)


Presentation of the worldwide known organ in the Oliwa Cathedral (Gdańsk Oliwa) by Prof. Roman Perucki

25.05.2007 Friday

Session II - Gdańsk University of Technology, Main building

Chair persons: G.-H. Frischat, M. Jaskuła

9.00 PL-5

Prof. Dr. Audrius Maruska (Vytautas Magn. University, Kaunas, Lithuania)

Molecular imprinting and molecular self assembling techniques: design of new materials for nanochromatographic separations

9.30 PL-6

Priv. Doz. Dr. Alexander Bittner (M. Planck Institute, Stuttgart),

Biomolecules as templates – science and possible applications.

10.00 PL-7

Prof. Dr. Andrzej Zieliński (Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Gdańsk)

New achievements in nanotechnology.


Coffee break
Poster session

Session III - Gdańsk University of Technology, Main Building, Senat Hall, second floor

Chair persons: U. Gösele, A. Borkowski

11:30 PL-8

Prof. Dr. Rainer Hippler (University of Greifswald, Institute of Physics),

Plasma Technology for Nano-World.

12:00 PL-9

Prof. Dr. Małgorzata Sznitowska (Medical University of Gdansk, Faculty of Pharmacy)

Waiting for nano-revolution in drug delivery technology.


Discussion panel

Moderators: Prof. Dr. Roman Kaliszan (Medical University of Gdansk), Prof. Dr. Franciszek Rozpłoch (M. Kopernik University, Faculty of Physics, Torun) & Prof. Dr. Jochen Schubert (University of Rostock)

Subject: Nanomaterials: applications in medicine and pharmacy




Lunch Restaurant Villa Uphagena


Departure to old city Gdańsk (sightseeing) at invitation of the

President of City Gdańsk

26.05.2007 Saturday

Science Festival in Gdańsk

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