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XIth international scientific–technical conference seals and sealing technology of machines and devices

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SIMP Polish Society of Polish Mechanical

Engineers and Technicians

Seals and Sealing Technology Group of SIMP

Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineerig

of Wrocław University of Technology

SIMP Staff Training Centre

Biomonthly "Hydraulika i Pneumatyka

Society – Polish Industrial Fittings




23 – 25th of May, 2007, Wrocław–Kudowa Zdrój, Poland


Organizing Committee

Chairman – Jerzy Matuszczyk, Scientific Secretary – Marek Gawliński, Members – Katarzyna Gemsa, Izabela Tarasewicz, Zdzisław Sysak, Krzysztof Podkomorzy

Honorary Members of Committee

inż. M. Adamczak – Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, T. Badura – ANGA,

J. Bytner – SEMA, prof. M. Chorowski – Dean of Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering of Wrocław University of Technology,

dr B. Klimkiewicz – WIKOM, dr J. Nosowicz – Burgmann, Germany,

dr W. Okularczyk – TEST, mgr J. Piotrowski – GAMBIT, mgr inż. K. Wądrzyk – Society – Polish Industrial Fittings, mgr inż. M. Wilk – POLONIT,

Scientific Committee

prof. B. Antoszewski –Świętokrzyski University of Technology,

prof. Cz. Kundera – Świętokrzyski University of Technology,

prof. V. A. Marcinkowski – Sumy’s State University, Ukraine,

prof. W. Wieleba –Wrocław University of Technology,


Conference Program

May, 22nd (Tuesday) – COURSES

1.00 pm – 4.00 pm Choice and exploitation of seals for

flange joints and valves

Speaker: prof. Alexander Riedl, Germany

4.00 pm – 4.40 pm Late lunch
4.40 pm – 8.10 pm Analysis of seals failures and their

consequences on the machines operation and safety

Speaker: prof. Marek Gawliński

3.00 pm quartering of the delegates
5.00 pm – 9.30 pm Dinner at particular hotels

May, 23rd (Wednesday)

9.00 am Conference opening at St. George Hotel
Mr.Jerzy Matuszczyk – Chairman of Organizing Committee,

Prof. Maciej Chorowski – Dean of Mechanical and Power Engineering Faculty of Wroclaw University of Technology

9.10 am SESSION I Mechanical Face Seals

Chairman: Marek Gawliński

Mechanical seals and thrust bearings with structured sliding

faces J. Nosowicz, J. Otschik, R. Schicktanz,

A. Schrüfer, (Germany)

Theoretical model and computer program aiding design

of non-contact face seals S. Błasiak, Cz. Kundera

Theoretical and experimental problems of mechanical seals

leakage under axial vibration conditions E. Czachórska,

Zb. Szydło, (Poland),

Texturing of sliding surfaces in face seals B. Antoszewski,

P. Sęk (Poland),

FTA Analysis of factors resulting in functional disability

of face seals A. Langner (Poland)
10.50 am Coffee break

11.20 am SESSION II Rectiprocating Seals

Chairman: Michał Adamczak

Determination of break-away force in pneumatic cylinders

seals R. Dindorf, P. Łaski, J. Tokosoglu, (Poland)
Numerical modeling of reciprocating hydraulic rod seals

R. Salant, B. Yang (USA)

Leakage measurements with aid of negative pressure

method from the valve stuffing box J. Rogula (Poland),
Frictional losses of chosen thermoplastic polymers

co-operating with steel in reciprocating motion

W.Wieleba, P. Kowalewski, (Poland),

12.40 pm Opening of seals manufacturers exhibition
1.00 pm Lunch – St. George Hotel
2.15 pm SESSION III Non-contact Seals

Chairman: Wojciech Wieleba

Sealing efficiency and power consumption of integrated

hybrid labirynth seal M. Gawliński, J. Blachura,

K. Gajowniczek, (Poland), R. Schwandtke (Germany),

Determination of flow rate stochastic characteristic through

the annular seal Y. Tarasevitch (Ukraine)
Analytical and empirical investigations of pressure

distribution in longitudinal sealing gap A. Korczak,

G. Peczkis, (Poland)

Research of influence of the basic structural parameters on

the radial sliding seals operation Cz. Dymarski, (Poland)
3.35 pm Coffee break
4.00 pm SESSION IV Seals and Materials

Chairman: Ryszard Dindorf

Application of shape memory materials in sealing

technology Wł. Ochoński, (Poland)
Problems of manufacturing and exploitation of protective

sleeves of floating bush in oil impeller machines

B. Antoszewski, (Poland),W. Tarelnik, M. Dovrzik,

A. Bieolus, (Ukraine)

Application of the PUWO® metal cases oil lip seals

in industry P. Cucjew, P. Kałdonek (Poland)
5.00 pm – 5.30 pm Presentation of seals manufacturers
5.40 pm Buses take guests to Amalia and Gwarek hotels
6.40 pm Buses take guests from Amalia and Gwarek

hotels to the concert

7.00 pm Concert. Performers: string quartet and pianist,

St. George Hotel

8.00 pm Grand dinner at St. George Hotel

May, 24th (Thursday)

9.00 am SESSION V Mechanical Face Seals

Chairman: Czesław Kundera

Dry gas buffer impulse seal investigations J. Z. Gaft

(Russia), V. A. Marcinkovsky, A. V. Zagorulko, (Ukraine),

B. M. Gromyko (Russia)

Improving the reliability of turbomachinery by converting

to dry gas seals J. Goldswain (UK),
Numerical analysis of operation of stuffing box with face

seal co-operating with spiral cleaning ring M. Gawliński,

J. Skrzypacz, Z. Sysak (Poland)

10.00 am Coffee break
10.30 am SESSION VI Rotary Seals

Chairman: Zdzisław Sysak

Sealing of the rotary manipulator J. Sifczyk, W. Okularczyk,

Carcoseal ATLMP® in rolling mills R. Ceppi (Italy),

W. Okularczyk (Poland)
Application of magnetic fluid seals in co-generative plants

A.V. Radionov, (Ukraine)

11.30 am Presentation of seals manufacturers
1.00 pm Lunch - St. George Hotel
2.30 pm Buses take guests to Amalia and Gwarek hotels
4.45 pm Buses take guests from St. George, Amalia and

Gwarek hotels to the Museum of Traditional Architecture

5.00 pm Recreation Program at the Museum of Traditional

Architecture – Kudowa Zdrój, Pstrążna

9.30 pm Buses take guests to Amalia, Gwarek

and St. George hotels

May, 25th (Friday)

9.00 am SESSION VII Static Seals

Chairman: Marcin Wilk

EUROPARTNER® - expert and engineering program

for design flange joints J. Zajączek (Poland)
Novaphit SSTC – material for gasket J. Kapuściński,

The influence of serrated gaskets cross-section dimensions

on their reliability R. Sieczkowski, J. Stadnicki, (Poland)
10.00 am Coffee break
10.30 am Round table discussion: Are the seals really

reliable in service conditions?

Moderator: Michał Adamczak

12.30 pm Closure of Conference
1.00 pm Lunch

Time and Venue

The sessions are held at St. George Hotel, in Kudowa Zdrój Kosciuszki Street 180 (6-minute drive from Zdrojowy Park). Conference secretary office is opened from 12.15 pm till 8.00 pm on 22nd of May and from 8.00 am on 23rd of May.

The models and equipment on the exhibition should be brought on Tuesday, 22nd of May to St. George Hotel.

Conference opening is on 23rd of May at 9.00 am

at St. George Hotel.

Conference proceedings

The reviewed papers are published in Polish (with English summary) and in English languages. Delegates would also obtain CDs with all the papers. The simultaneous translation from English into Polish and vice versa is to be provided.

Social events

String quartet and the pianist Mr. Mariusz Adamczak give the performance on May, 23rd at 7.00 pm at St. George Hotel.

The conference dinner on the evening of Wednesday 23rd of May is held at 8.00 pm at St. George Hotel.

Recreation program is held in Museum of Traditional Architecture (skansen) in Kudowa Zdrój, Pstrążna on Thursday, 24th of May, at 5.00 pm.

Bus service

Each day delegates from Gwarek Hotel and Amalia Hotel would travel by bus to St. George Hotel for the sessions. The timetable is available at reception desk of particular hotel and at the Conference secretary office.

Addresses of the hotels

St. George Hotel

180 Kościuszki Street, 57-350 Kudowa Zdrój

tel.: +48 74 866 71 00, +48 74 866 72 00

Amalia Hotel

35 Zdrojowa Street, 57-350 Kudowa Zdrój

tel.: +48 74 866 17 51
Gwarek Hotel

10 Słowackiego Street, 57-350 Kudowa Zdrój

tel.: +48 74 866 18 90

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