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Centered title, capital letters

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First name and LAST NAME (12 points)

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The paper should be preceded by the summary (abstract) of 1012 type lines written with 10 point types, Times New Roman, on type page A4 (including page number), with margins: upper 5,5 cm, lower 5 cm, right and left 4,0 cm, header 4,7 cm, full size scale, indention 0,5 cm.

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Key words (11 points)

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1.1. Centered subsection,

12 point types, bold

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The paper should be written with 11 point types, Times New Roman, with single space between lines. Type page should be A4, full size scale. Enumerations should start with an indention and dash. Next line of a particular enumeration should start from the left side. In case of double enumeration indications a), b), c) and so on with the indention should be introduced.


enumeration of the first level should start with the dash in the following way: push 3 keys simultanously Ctrl + Shift + Q and then dash. Remark: in Word on the key board there exists a short line the so called linking line which is used to link words e.g. one-coloured. This linking line should not be used as a dash. Enumeration of the second level is the same as for the first one but the letters are used. The second page and the following pages should start without upper lowering.

Footnotes should be put directly in the main text – see the example in the text below.

Articles not prepared due to editorial constraints will not be published.
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1.2. Subsection, 12 point types

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Mathematical formulas should be centered, 11 point types, indexes and exponents 7 point types. The value ranges should be written with dash without distances, e.r. 34,5 MPa.

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1.3. Subsection, 12 point types

0,8 cm

All the figures and diagrams should be placed electronically (printed in WORD document). These figures and diagrams should not be larger than it is necessary for understanding.


Fig. 1. Figure and diagram descriptions should be centered, 10 point types, without a point at the end

Source: centered, 10 point types, with a point at the end.

In case of putting the table in a text, the name of a table should be before the table and the source after the table.

Tabel 1. (centered, 10 point types, without a point at the end)

Source: centered, 10 point types, with a point at the end.

i.e. Source: [Swarzewski 1998, s. 33].

Below the text the literature list should be given (10 point types, Times New Roman) in alphabetical order according to the given examples.
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LITERATURE (10 point types)

0,8 cm
Examples of bibliographic records insertion are given in the table below.


Form of a footnote in the text

Form of recording items in the bibliography

One author of a book

[Matysiak 1999, p. 23]

Matysiak A., 1999, Źródła kapitału społecznego, Wydawnictwo Akademii Ekonomicznej we Wrocławiu, Wrocław.

Two authors of a book

[Stone and Hughes 2002, p. 44]

Stone W., Hughes J., 2002, Social Capital: Empirical Meaning and Measurement Validity, Australian Institute of Family Studies, Melbourne.

Three authors of a book

[Michalik, Pilarczyk and Mruk 2005, p. 16]

Michalik M., Pilarczyk B., Mruk H., 2005, Marketing strategiczny na rynku farmaceutycznym, Oficyna Wydawnicza, Kraków.

Lack of an author

[Networking Essentials Plus 2009, p. 12]

Networking Essentials Plus, 2009, Microsoft Press, Redmond, Washington.

One editor

[Herbst 2007, p. 34]

Herbst M. (ed.), 2007, Kapitał ludzki I kapitał społeczny a rozwój regionalny, Scholar, Warszawa.

Two editors

[Abel-Smith i Titmuss 1974, p. 22]

Abel-Smith B., Titmuss K., (eds.), 1974, Social Policy: An Introduction, Allen & Unwin, London.

Chapter / article in a collective work (in the book edited by someone)

[Rymsza 2007, p. 45]

Rymsza A., 2007, Klasyczne koncepcje kapitału społecznego, w: Kaźmierczak T., Rymsza M. (eds.), Kapitał społeczny. Ekonomia społeczna, Instytut Spraw Publicznych, Warszawa.

Materials from the conferencei

[Walczak and Wiza 2007, p. 101-108]

Walczak K., Wiza W. R., 2007, Designing Behaviour-rich Interactive Virtual Museum Exhibitions, in: Arnold D., Niccolucci F., Chalmers A. (eds.), VAST 2007. The 8th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. The 5th EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage. Brighton, UK 2007, November 26-30, Eurographics Association, Aire-la-Villes, p. 101–108.

Materials issued by government agencies, organizations, etc.

[European Comission 2004, p. 34]

European Commission, 2004, First Report on the Implementation of the Internal Market Strategy 2003–2006, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg.

Materials issued by government agencies, organizations, etc.

[GUS 2009, p. 4]

GUS, 2009, Rocznik demograficzny 2008, Zakład Wydawnictw Statystycznych, Warszawa.

Articles in magazines

[Matysiak 2011, p. 5]

Matysiak A., 2011, Społeczny kapitał rynkowy, Polityka Społeczna, No. 5-6, p.5.

Electronic Sources

[Roth 2010, electronic source]

Roth J.D., 2010, Your Money. The Missing Manual, O'Reilly Media, New York, [access: 01.01.2011].


[Act of 17 February 2005]

The Act of 17 February 2005 on the computerization of entities performing problem, Coll. Laws No. 64, item. 565.

 The name of the institution represented by the author should be written with 10 point types due to such an example: Name of university, Name of department, Name of chair.

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