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Core multi-annual Thematic Research Programme Project Description form core 2015 call

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Multi-annual Thematic

Research Programme

Project Description FORM


Project Acronym

Principal Investigator (PI)

Host Institution

Please carefully read the Guidelines for Applicants before starting the description of your research proposal. Bear in mind that the proposal will be evaluated according to the selection criteria set out in the guidelines for applicants and in the peer-review guidelines. To be successful, the description has to clearly address these criteria.
The project description must use the headings below. The minimum font size allowed is 11 points, font type Arial, single space. The page size is A4, and all margins (top, bottom, left, right) should be at least 15 mm (not including any footers or headers).
The maximum number of pages indicated for each section/heading should be respected; otherwise the FNR may decide to only forward the pages within the limit to the external evaluators.
The Project description cannot be submitted alone. Before uploading the document to the online application form, it has to be converted to .pdf

  1. Description of the Proposed Research Project. (max. 7 pages for 1.1. - 1.4.)

    1. Introduction

    2. Relevant state-of-the art and your own contribution to it

    3. Hypotheses, project objectives and contribution to knowledge development in the research field

    4. Methods and approach

    5. Ethical considerations (if applicable, max. 2 pages)

  1. Project plan (3 to 10 pages)

  2. Project Outputs

3.1 Impact of research results (max 2. pages)

3.2 PhD student supervision and research lines (only if applicable; 1 page/PhD candidate)

3.3 In addition, for CORE Junior Track: Advancement of the Junior PI’s research career (max. 2 pages)

  1. Project Participants and Management

4.1 Description of the consortium, communication and decision-making (max. 1 page)

4.2 Summaries (Term sheets) of the Consortium agreement and/or the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) agreement (max 1 page)

  1. Comments on Resubmission (only if applicable, max. 1 page)

  2. Bibliography / References (max. 3 pages)

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