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Mr Wojciech Lubawski President of Kielce City

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Kielce, 3rd June 2011
Mr Wojciech Lubawski

President of Kielce City

Dear Mr President,
On behalf of myself and all members of The Jan Karski Society in Kielce, coming up to expectations of Jewish society in Kielce and their descendants in Israel and New York, I propound to give the name of Dr Moses Pelc to the new built traffic circle at the crossroads of Warszawska street and IX Wieków Kielc street.
Dr Pelc was an accomplished physician and community worker, honored citizen of Kielce City, intercessor of Polish and Jewish societies of our town and thanks to his actions those societies became one community of Kielce.

Moses Pelc, a citizen of Kielce, Doctor of Medicine, Major of the Polish Army, Director of Jewish Hospital in Kielce.

Born on May 6, 1888 in Radomyśl Wielki, graduated from Medical Studies at University of Graz. During World War I he served in the Austro-Hungarian Army as an army surgeon – he was a commandant at a sanitary train. In 1919 he settled in Kielce and started his private medical practice. Soon he became a Director of Jewish Hospital in Kielce (at present Szpital Miejski im. św. Aleksandra). During the Polish-Bolshevist War he was a doctor of 4th Legion Infantry Regiment. In 1930 he became a member of City Council, presiding over stipend committee. He was a close co-worker of Stefan Artwiński, pre-war President of Kielce. Furthermore he led two of Jewish social institutions funded by the Zagajski family – an old people's home and orphanage.
After the trespass of German army to Kielce Moses Pelc was indicated by the occupier to be a chairperson of Judenrat, and he soon resigned from a position to assume a position of director of hospital in jewish ghetto on Radomska street (currently non-existing building, located between roads of Warszawska street near the synagogue). Because of his attitude dr Pelc was called by the Germans „der stolze Jude” (the proud Jew). He participated in saving Polish and Jewish officers from being taken into prison camps.
Arrested by Gestapo in June 1941 as an officer of Reserve of the Polish Army. On July 30, 1941 he was taken to the german extermination camp Auschwitz and was located in the penalty company with the camp number 19066. On September 8, 1941 he was murdered by SS man who crushed his larynx with his boot.
In September 2000 at the Kielce City Hospital a plaque in memory of dr Pelz was unveiled.

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