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I want to tel you, I have wrealy the time of my life in Gdansk!!!

I had never imagined that it would be so nice!

I have made friends for life and have therefore a tear away at our goodbyes,

I must blink now word of emotionally, I have never that before!!

your shool is supper the teachers the best, I hope so realy to see you back!!!

so thank you again very much

also Radek, Bartosz and the boss,the teachers ,the singing lady,the speakers.....

Sonja Blauwblomme


Wróciłem  do domu cały i zdrowy. Podróż w porzątku.
Jestem bardzo zadowolony z udziału w projekcie. Było to dla mnie nowe doświadczenie, dużo się nauczyłem.
Gratuluję wspaniałej organizacji (perfekcyjna)!!
Dziękuję bardzo za aspekty kulturalne i miło spędzone razem chwile.
Mam nadzieję, że będziemy w kontakcie.

Pozdrawiam wszystkich bardzo serdecznie i czekam na wiadomości.
Trzymajcie się!! Pa!!

Stefano De Bernardi


It was a great pleasure to attend this workshop and meet you all. Thank you for your warm hospitality and perfect organization. From courses to activities, evertyhing was great and well organised.

We were not only from different cultures but of different ages and shared a wonderfull and an unforgettable experience. I started to learn Polish but most of all I learned the Polish culture and history and met of course nice Polish people and nice people from different countries.

Hope to see you again maybe in Turkey!

Dziękuje i do zobaczenia :)

Öcal Dalgiç Banu


Dziekuje bardzo za dobra opieke nad nami w ciagu tych siedmiu (?) dni niezapomnianych,

Do zobaczenia!

Redgy Vanhove


Dear Madame,

I received your email and I was very glad to see all those beautiful words.

I'm sorry I wasn`t so sociable around you, but this is what is happening with me around such an important person.

In another train of thoughts, I am very happy I saw Gdansk, I learned a lot of things, I met such beautiful and important persons, I was able to learn a little bit of Polish and I made such amazing friends. All of you were amazing and patient with us and you teached us so many things.

When I arrived home, my mother asked me to read something in Polish and when she saw i was able to read, she said "Those people are amazing, look what they were able to do!" Of course I was so proud and I need to share this with you because you deserve all the credits!

I bought yesterday a book "How to learn Polish" and I promised myself I will do this.

Thank you very much for this beautiful experience and I really hope we keep in touch!

Best regards from Romania,

Iulia Carstea

I will use Polish language I want to improve later and speak and all my life I watch the information about Polish everything. My English is not perfect so it may I be hard to understand the other people but I can feel everything.


Alpay Akarsu Gökalp
I wish, I’ll come back to Poland (travel)

I will not forget you, dziękuje

Hizir Yeşildağ
Everything was just fine!

Ileana Gugu

Gruntvig is a wonderful program as it is not only to meet different nationalities, but to meet people from different generations. It is a great opportiunity to change ideas, views.

Zoltán Huber

Wsisko jest pienknie! Ja lubię przyjatiele z “English Unlimitid”!

Yanka Shurelova
The workshop for my was amazing, very interesting with all diferent people. Before I knew almost nothing about Poland. And now I am really interested in this country. Maybe I most not say this, but I have a time of my life, I never forget Gdansk and all the lovely people who created this workshop, in 1 word. Thank you very much. Bardzo dzięńkuje.

Sonja Blauwblomme

This project shows that you don’t need to br afraid of doing crazy thing- learn, learn, learn even you are 70 already.
Aija Auziņa
The project was organised at a very high level. Everything was wonderful. The classes were very usefull and are knowledge of language improve after classes activities also.

Maija Gruzdeva

In my opinion, it was perfect. The teachers were very nice with us, we learned a lot good and useful things. The organization of all the activities was perfect.

Iulia Maria Carstea

I’m very sorry that Poland and Hungary do not know very much about each other. We are very close to each other, but we do not have enough connections after a week have in Gdańsk, I really think that we share common mentalitics and the very similar historical, cultural back ground.

I personally hope that it will be changed in the very near future – I will definitely promote Poland in my country.

Zoltán Huber
I was pleasantly surprised by the politness and frendliess of Polish people, particularly gentlemen. Thanking everybody who made my trip possible and helped me with my knowledge of Polish, Polish coulture and Polish mentality.

Redgy Vanhove

For and about Polish in Action

I had great time here! The organises were thinking about everything. It’s high class od organization. Thank you! You gave me a courage to go and do!

I have a book “ Trzech Muszkieterów” – that’s my home excercise.


Aija Auziņa
Polish in Action

First days I can’t understand somethings because my English is not enough but after I learn speak to polish people eyes and I understand people are so friendly. Ja liubię polski

Seni Sevigorun Poland

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