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Partner Search from Viborg Municipality, Denmark

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Partner Search from Viborg Municipality, Denmark


Erasmus + Programme

Subprogramme: KA2 Strategic Partnerships supporting innovation in the field of VET

More information:


31th March 2016

Contact person:

Louise Ørum Skytt

Viborg Kommune

Children & Youth Department
Prinsens Alle 5
8800 Viborg
Direkte tlf.:+ 45 93 59 80 54
Henrik Holmskov
International Project Manager
Viborg Kommune
Erhverv og Udvikling
Prinsens Alle 5
8800 Viborg
Direkte tlf.: +45 87 87 86 10


Viborg Municipality, Denmark’s 9th largest municipality, has more than 93,000 citizens who are serviced by 7.000 employees and the Municipality has an annual budget of more than 500 million EUR (4 billion DKK).

In Denmark, more or less all citizen-focused services except hospitals are the responsibility of the municipalities which means that areas such as the social sector, primary and lower secondary education, child care, employment, prevention, etc. fall within Viborg Municipality's areas of responsibility.

Social Services Department in Ceutí Municipality: Among the different areas that the Social Services Department in Ceutí covers, a crucial one is the Family and Minor Programme, which includes a Parent’s School. Moreover Ceutí has adhered to the National Strategy to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. A commission for the Promotion of Healthy Habits brings together all policy areas and communities of the municipality.

Project idea:

Temporary project name: STRONGER PARENTS
Viborg and Ceutí Municipalities are looking for European partners interested to participate in a project proposal within the frame of the Erasmus + – Strategic Partnership in the filed of VET. The project will aim to strengthened children through strengthened parents, families and other adults towards a healthy lifestyle.
Background to project idea:
STRONGER PARENTS is a European partnership project - developed upon experiences gained from the EU project Power to Resist (Romania, Spain, Sweden, England and Denmark, 2013-2015):,-unge-og-familie/Skoler/SSP/Power-to-Resist
Short description of the project idea:

STRONGER PARENTS will work through children's primary and secondary role models - their parents, their families and their alternative adults (football coach, priest, the other children's parents etc).

STRONGER PARENTS will work on the idea of empowerment. The project will strengthen adults, families and alternative adult roles as good role models – based on their own resources.

STRONGER PARENTS will strengthen children through strengthened parents, families and other adults.

An app will be developed during the project as a tool to reach adults with messages, useful information, activities, and resources to carry out healthy lifestyles.
Objectives and expected results:
STRONGER PARENTS will work to raise awareness of how adults - together and separately - have the decisive say in how their child meets the world - and how the world meets the child.

STRONGER PARENTS will focus closely on adult healthy communities. Based on a conviction that children develop best in healthy communities. Theses are reflected in them and they copy them. With healthy communities, we mean communities with high presence of cohesion, inclusiveness, respect, joy, diversity, security, love.

STRONGER PARENTS will focus closely on the child's closest relatives: parents, families and alternative adults (all other adults around a child.)
STRONGER PARENTS project will identify and examine with curiosity how to strengthen the adult role in each participating country - and where it happens. The project will learn and profit from the pulse and culture of the participating countries.

STRONGER PARENTS interprets and uses the concept of healthy inclusion in the meaning:

- Everyone is entitled to be with everyone.

- Inclusion is a condition for human well-being.

- Inclusion only develops in healthy communities.
In sum: STRONGER PARENTS have a strong focus on healthy communities.
Participants in the project STRONGER PARENTS will work to develop models and methods to meet and strengthen parents, families and alternative adult in their roles as good caretakers of our children.

STRONGER PARENTS will strengthen children through strengthened parents, families and other adults.

During a meeting in Viborg during the first week of March, a number of themes will be decided upon. A more developed and determined project description will be developed during this meeting and sent out to partners interested in joining the project partnership.
If you find this proposal interesting, please do not hesitate to make contact for further details or expression of interest at latest 26th February 2016.

Partners searched:

Today, the countries which have shown interest in the project are: Spain, Denmark and Romania (ALIAT).

We are looking for diversity in the partnership and therefore welcome all countries except the above mentioned to express interest for this project.

We are looking for public, private or non-profit organizations/authorities who are working to reduce youth drinking and who are able to reach out to different target groups such as associations, municipalities, schools, healthcare and other stakeholders.

Key words:

Empowerment – early prevention – healthy communities – strengthen parents through strengthen children

Project period:

Expression of interest from partners Deadline: 26th February 2016

Deadline application to National agency: 31st March 2016

Project start: 1st September 2016

Project end: 31st August 2019

Other information:

Viborg, Ceutí and EU-projects:

Viborg Municipality has been the lead partner of the Power to Resist project and possess general experience from a variety of EU projects.

Ceutí has participated in different EU programmes, such as ERASMUS +, Lifelong Learning Programme, Europe for Citizens, MED and CIP-ICT.

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