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Rules of granting of special discounts applicable in outlets of Partners of the Program

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Rules of promotion for Participants of the “Connoisseur’s Club” loyalty program – “Gold type participation account” – “Rules of granting of special discounts applicable in outlets of Partners of the Program”
1. The Organiser of the Promotion under the name: “Gold type participation account – rules of granting of special discounts applicable in outlets of Partners of the Program” (“Promotion”) is ALMA MARKET S.A. with a seat in Kraków at ul. Pilotów 6, post code 30-964, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the Polish National Court Register by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, 11th Commercial Department of the Polish National Court Register under no. KRS 0000019474, with a share capital in the amount of PLN 5,428,990 paid in full, NIP (Tax Identification Number): 676-001-67-31 (“Organiser”).

2. The Partner (“Partner”) of the Promotion – “special discounts” is:

a. DCG S.A. („Deni Cler Milano”) ul. Bystrzycka 81A 04-907 Warsaw, NIP (Tax Identification Number): 113-00-15-696, REGON (National Business Registry Number): 012513641, the District Court for the Warsaw City, the 13th Commercial Department of the Polish National Court Register, KRS 0000285675 Share capital: PLN 4,363,600, paid in full.

b. other entities with which the Organiser shall enter into separate agreements.

3. The promotion lasts from 01.10.2011 till 30.09.2012.

4. Everyone who meets the following conditions jointly may participate in the Promotion:

a) is a registered participant of the Organiser’s loyalty program – Connoisseur’s Club (“Participant”),

b) holds a Gold type card of the Organiser’s loyalty program,

c) present a Gold type card of the Organiser’s loyalty program for purchases of products made in outlets of Partners whose list constitutes an Appendix to these Rules during the Promotion period.

5. The Partner shall grant a discount on the purchase of products offered by the Partner to the Participant of the Promotion according to the following rules:

Deni Cler Milano shall grant a discount amounting to 30% (thirty percent) on the gross value of purchases made by the Participant in Deni Cler Milano during the Promotion period.

6. The discount referred to in pt 5. is based on the decrease of the amount payable by the Participant by the amount of discount granted by the Partner. The discount shall not be combined with other discounts offered by the Partner on the day of the sale or submission of the order. The Participant shall be entitled to choose which discount or promotion offered by the given Partner he shall use.

7. All complaints regarding the above Promotion may be submitted in writing to the Partner’s address not later than by 30.10.2011. Complaints shall be considered within 14 days from the date of their submission.

8. If such complaint is recognised as reasonable, the Partner is obliged to return to the Participant the difference between the price actually paid by the Participant and the price decreased by the discount. The difference shall be returned upon presentation of the receipt in the Partner’s retail outlet in which the payment was made.

9. All complaints and reservations regarding the granting of discounts in the Partner’s Outlets, particularly with regard to the kind of products covered by the discount, shall be considered by the Partner.

10. The Organiser is not responsible for failure to grant a discount or its incorrect settlement by the Partner.

11. All contents contained in advertising & promotional materials regarding the Promotion are for information purposes only. Only the provisions of these Rules are legally binding.

12. In any matters not regulated in these Rules, the provisions of the Civil Code shall be applicable.

13. The Organiser reserves the right to amend these Rules during the Promotion, particularly to shorten the Promotion period and to change the rules of this Promotion.

14. The text of the Rules of Promotion is available in the Partners’ retail outlets, in the Organiser’s office, in the Partners’ offices and on the website.

List of the Partner’s retail outlets:

1. (S.128) Alfa Shopping Mall, ul. Świętojańska 15, premises H46 + 1, Białystok 15-277, tel. 85 741-44-03

2. (S.126) fokus Shopping Mall, ul. Jagiellońska 39/47 premises 067,Bydgoszcz 85-097, tel. 52 554-36-30

3. (S.111) Free Standing Shop, ul. Długa 31,Bydgoszcz 85-034, tel. 52 322-68-94

4. (S.112) Free Standing Shop, ul. NMP 29 Częstochowa 42-200 tel. 34 365-34-00

5. (S.124) Galeria Bałtycka, ul. Al. Grunwaldzka 141, Gdańsk 80-264, tel. 58 345-00-99

6. (S.117) Klif Shopping Mall, ul. Al. Zwycięstwa 256, Gdynia 81-525, tel. 58 624-84-61

7. (S.103) Free Standing Shop, ul. Staromiejska 11, Katowice 40-013, tel. 32 206-97-34

8. (S.129) Silesia City Center Shopping Mall, ul. Chorzowska 111, Katowice 40-101,tel. 32 605-01-35

9. (S.121) Galeria Krakowska, ul. Pawia 5, Kraków 31-154, tel. 12 628-70-27

10. (S.102) Free Standing Shop, ul. Św. Jana 2, Kraków 31-018, tel. 12 423-09-67

11. (S.104) Free Standing Shop, ul. Piotrkowska 31, Łódź 90-410, tel. 42 632-43-44

12. (S.116) Galeria Łódzka, ul. Piłsudskiego 15/23, Łódź 90-307, tel. 42 639-54-29

13. (S.120) Manufaktura Shopping Mall, ul. Karskiego 5 premises B-152, Łódź 91-071, tel. 42 634-80-65

14. (S.130) Solaris Shopping Mall, ul. Pl. Kopernika 16, Opole 45-040, tel. 77 448-58-11

15. (S.122) Stary Browar Shopping Mall, ul. Półwiejska 42, premises 309, Poznań 61-888, tel. 61 667-13-44

16. (S.106) Free Standing Shop, ul. Wojska Polskiego 27, Szczecin 70-470, tel. 91 489-32-75

17. (S.101) Free Standing Shop, ul. Kopernika 8/18, Warsaw 00-367, tel. 22 827-91-68

18. (S.110) Galeria Mokotów, ul. Wołowska 12, Warsaw 02-675, tel. 22 541-31-52

19. (S.114) Klif Shopping Mall, ul. Okopowa 58/72, Warsaw 01-042, tel. 22 531-46-70

20. (S.127) Sadyba Best Mall, ul. Powsińska 31, premises 144, Warsaw 02-903, tel. 22 310-30-44

21. (S.131) Złote Tarasy Shopping Mall, ul. Złota 59, Warsaw 00-120, tel. 22 222-03-68

22. (S.123) Pasaż Grunwaldzki Shopping Mall, ul. Pl. Grunwaldzki 22, premises 1034, Wrocław 50-384, tel. 71 347-11-95

23. (S.105) Free Standing Shop, ul. Pl. Solny 6/7, Wrocław 50-061, tel. 71 344-21-20

24. (S.125) Magnolia Park Shopping Mall, ul. Legnicka 58, Wrocław 54-204, tel. 71 350-09-55

25. (S.132) Renoma Shopping Mall, ul. Świdnicka 40, Wrocław 50-950, tel. 71 722-41-86

26. (F.304) Sfera Shopping Mall, ul. Mostowa 2, Bielsko-Biała 43-360, tel. 33 822-54-63

27. (F.309) Hotel Łysogóry, Pasaż Zielony (Green Passage), ul. Sienkiewicza 78, Kielce 25-501, tel. 41 344-33-73

28. (F.302) Plaza Shopping Mall, ul. Lipowa 13, premises 135, Lublin 20-024, tel. 81 536-22-64

29. (F.306) Free Standing Shop, ul. 3 Maja 2, Rzeszów 35-030, tel. 17 853-83-35

30. (F.301) Panorama Shopping Mall, ul. Witosa 31, Warsaw 00-710, tel. 22 640-11-99

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